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To celebrate our product has been adopted by American schools successfully |Education solutions /school

Grandshine Education tablet Case has been adopted by American shools.

As we know technology is invading the education field at an increasing pace. The process has effectively evolved from learning on blackboards to learning on interactive whiteboards. It’s now the era of a tablet, that small immediately operational vehicle of technology and knowledge. we can imagine that  teachers and students will be able to swim freely in the ocean of knowledge in the future without any textbooks and extra media.

 With so many schools incorporating tablet into the curriculum, device protection has become paramount.
Grandshine education tablet case is a protective tablet case that is specifically aimed at the educational market
Grandshine provides two solutions on education:
1)     This style is designed for teaching use, designed with education in mind, this tablet case is built-in strong magnet can be absorbed to the whiteboard firmly, it is very convenient and useful for teaching. Use high-quality material silicone + tpu, which is anti-fall and anti-scratch. Provide full protection for your tablet and won’t affect use without removing the case. The folio cover can protect the tablet while it don’t use. This education tablet case we produced has been used in American schools

2) This style is the perfect solution for students and take-home devices. Why? Let’s see its features:
  • Protects the tablet screen when not in use and this case is with pen slot, you can store your stylus pen also.
  • Folio works as a stand providing three different viewing positions (flat, low and high) for optimal learning.
  • The keyboard battery is long-lasting, charge 2 hours, use 30 days, standby 60days ,quick charge, built-in large capacity battery, long standby time, low power loss
  • Study and entertainment are in one, do your homework and chat anytime, anywhere, just open the keyboard and type
  • A magnetic closure tells the iPad when to go to sleep, which conserves battery life. 
About us: Grandshine Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company, which is dedicated to the design, R&D, manufacture, and sales of mobile phone accessories, industry tablet(rugged tablet) accessories, plastic injection mold, and other innovative products, all products we made has passed ROHS,CE,FCC,REACH,QI,CA65,SGS etc certification


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