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The impact of 5G on the IIoT(industrial Internet of things)

For ordinary consumers, the concept of 5G may be a higher network speed. The improvement of the Internet experience brought by the large bandwidth of 5G is the most intuitive. Mobile phones can watch higher-definition videos in real time. The lower latency and higher reliability bring a much smaller improvement to the experience of C-end users. The delay in opening a web page has been reduced from 50ms to 10ms, and consumers can barely perceive the difference.
In industry, the situation is completely different. The concept of the Industrial Internet has been proposed many years ago, but until the mobile Internet is so popular, the proportion of equipment networking in the industrial field is still small, and the applications related to networking equipment are still very shallow. The main reason is that the Internet has not yet reached the requirements in terms of latency and reliability. The application of the Industrial Internet of Things has only been able to stay at the surface of d…
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5 Ways to help you remove the scratch from your mobile phone

Now everyone has a big screen smart phone, but if you do not buy a protective shell or cover, it is easy toscratch at the back rear cover or the screen, even if it was covered by the whole wrap protective case, there will inevitably be some scratches on the screen. Here are some tips that you can DIY to remove scratches on your phone, the effect is magical, have a try! 1, toothpaste
Toothpaste can be used in many occasions to scratch, toothpaste contains solid calcium carbonate, silica and other ingredients have the effect of grinding, and because of the hardness and screen glass similar, often can have a good  effect on removing scratch. But don't use children's toothpaste to clean your phone screen. Just use regular toothpaste.First, squeeze a little bit of toothpaste on a cotton swab or a clean cloth, then paint a circle around the scratched area and wipe gently until the scratch is gone. Finally, wipe off the excess toothpaste gently.
2,vegetable oil

Vegetable oil contains the …

It can help you go further and play a bigger role (To Airpod pro)

You come from the applause of the people with a ton of new features and a complete redesign.People in the world only see your brilliance, strength, worth;they praise you, appreciate you and bring you with them everyday.But we see your vulnerability. You need good protection,because you have to go to many places and meet many people.To offer more protection to you, we did a lot of preparation( new premium material,new design and upgraded technology)before you come.This Grandshine protective case is designed for you specially.
See what Grandshine Airpod pro protective case offer to you:
Premium Material: Grandshine’s newly upgraded Airpod pro protective case was made of premium soft silicone which has stable chemical properties, good thermal stability, high temperature and low temperature resistance.With the shock-absorbent and resistant to scratches main feature, i can protect you from scratches, drops, dents, etc. and fits really well and offer a good feel for your owner without adding …

How to deal with the common injection defects

1) Short shot Phenomenon: Plastic material does not completely fill the cavity (Cavity) Reasons and treatment methods: 1, the metering setting is insufficient; 2, the injection pressure is too low; 3, the mold temperature or the tube temperature is not insufficient; 4, the back pressure is too low or no back pressure causes the screw to idling; 6, release too much spray; 7 flow distance is too short or plastic flow is poor; 8, sprue or runner is too small. 2) Flash Phenomenon: Plastic material overflows the cavity Reason and treatment:
1, too many metering settings; 2, the injection pressure is too large; 3, the clamping force is insufficient; 4, the mold temperature is too high or the temperature of the tube is too high; 5, the plastic fluidity is too good; 6, the plastic crystallization rate is too Slow; 7,the parting line of the mold is not tight enough
3) Black spots
Phenomenon: black spots on the surface of the molded parts
Reason and treatment:
1. When the plastic is poured into the barre…

Why is the folding screen phone not a future trend?

The mobile phone screen size has been affected by two contradictory factors: one is the efficiency demand brought by the big screen, and the other is the small size body required for portability. In order to solve this contradiction, many mobile phone manufacturers are constantly working on the screen of the mobile phone, and eager to make a bigger screen. In the end, the folding screen mobile phone came out, and the evaluations of the major users of the folding mobile phone were different. Some think this will be a trend in the industry, but some people are not optimistic about folding mobile phones, and think that there are many problems that cannot be solved. Here, we are discussing whether folding mobile phones will be a trend in the industry (this is just some of my personal views, welcome to leave a message to write your opinion) First of all, technically speaking, the core of the folding mobile phone is the flexible screen made of OLED material, which is a solution that takes …

To celebrate our product has been adopted by American schools successfully |Education solutions /school

Grandshine Education tablet Case has been adopted by American shools.
As we know technology is invading the education field at an increasing pace. The process has effectively evolved from learning on blackboards to learning on interactive whiteboards. It’s now the era of a tablet, that small immediately operational vehicle of technology and knowledge. we can imagine that  teachers and students will be able to swim freely in the ocean of knowledge in the future without any textbooks and extra media.
 With so many schools incorporating tablet into the curriculum, device protection has become paramount. Grandshine education tablet case is a protective tablet case that is specifically aimed at the educational market Grandshine provides two solutions on education: 1)This style is designed for teaching use, designed with education in mind, this tablet case is built-in strong magnet can be absorbed to the whiteboard firmly, it is very convenient and useful for teaching. Use high-quality material…

Is iPhone SE 2 coming? Does Apple need the SE series

It is said that iPhone SE 2 will be put into production January 2020 and officially launched to the market in late March 2020. Guo Mingwei, a well-known analyst of Tianfeng Securities, pointed out in the latest investment analysis report that the iPhone SE 2 will be put into production in January 2020 and will be officially launched to the market at the end of March 2020. In the same report, Guo Mingxi also predicted that the iPhone SE 2 would switch to the LCP antenna for better performance. It is reported that the iPhone SE2 will have three colors such as deep gray, white and red. The iPhone SE2 is similar in design to the iPhone 8. It measures 4.7 inches and starts at $399, or about RMB 2,800. (IT House) As per Guo Mingxi's forecast information for iPhone SE2 is as follows: Body: the same design as the iPhone 8, 4.7-inch screen Color matching: available in deep gray, silver and red Processor: equipped with Apple A13 chip Stock: 3GB LPDDR4X Storage: 64GB / 128GB Verification method: Tou…