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How does the Magfsafe achieve 15W fast charging? (The detail disassembly report of Magsafe wireless charger)

At the press Apple launched a MagSafe magnetic wireless charger that has attracted much attention. This is also Apple's first mass-produced mobile phone wireless charger, marking the official entry of the iPhone into a new era of wireless charging. Promote the development of the wireless charging market.The Apple MagSafe magnetic wireless charger, as its name suggests, adopts a magnetic design with a built-in magnet that can actively adsorb and align for wireless charging. This can be achieved while charging and playing, breaking the traditional wireless charging method. The main attraction is that it can wirelessly charge the iPhone 12 series at 15W, and other wireless chargers is only up to 7.5W. So as Apple's first mass-produced wireless charger, it has also made a special design, what is the inside of it? Here We will share with you the detailed disassembly of this product.
1.Appearance of Apple MagSafe magnetic wireless charger The packaging box is a typical apple style de…
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Let's stop plastic waste at its sources

Around the world, one million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute, while up to 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide every year. In total, half of all plastic produced is designed to be used only once — and then thrown away.While plastic has many valuable uses, we have become addicted to single-use or disposable plastic — with severe environmental consequences. We have seen a lot of positive action to reduce the plastic waste such as: garbage sorting,limit the use of disposable plastic products and the developing and manufacturing of the recycling. But we need to do more, we need to stop the plastic pollution at its sources100% Biodegradable material was tested is 100% compostable and can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and Oxygen in the Under natural composting and home composting conditions . As a kind of natural degradable material, biodegradable material plays a unique role in environmental protection. Its research and development have be…

How to protect your iPhone 12 and protect our planet

According to reports, the global temperature will rise to 60°C in 2030. Ordinary plastics are still treated by incineration and cremation, causing a large amount of greenhouse gases to be discharged into the air.Items made from Styrofoam and plastic wind up in landfills by the ton every year. These products take centuries to degrade and when they do, they can leave toxic residue behind. Food service enterprises were once notorious for producing much of that non-biodegradable waste.In recent years, many in the food service industry have switched to biodegradable products made from vegetable matter like corn and sugar cane. Since they are made with naturally-occurring materials, these products break down easily in the soil. while polylactic acid plastics are buried in the soil to degrade and produce The carbon dioxide directly enters the soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants, will not be discharged into the air, and will not cause the greenhouse effect.What is the 100% biodegrada…

How to effectively disinfect your phone

With the popularity of the Internet, the development of mobile terminals. The emergence of smart phones allows everyone to operate everything with a single phone. People are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile phones. Think of how much time we spend with mobile phones every day, and the state of not leaving the hand must be a portrait of many people. But have you ever wondered how many bacteria there are in a mobile phone that can't be separated? It may become a huge hidden danger to our health. The bacterial content on the surface of the mobile phone is as high as 120,000 / c㎡, which is 18 times the bacterial content of the toilet handle. Various germs and viruses are hidden in it。 First let's take a look at our most commonly used disinfection method-alcohol alcohol disinfection. Can it really disinfect? The main component of alcohol is ethanol. Too high concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria, preventing alcohol from entering th…

TWS headset market will be the focus of the AI ​​era

In October last year, Apple launched the third-generation TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headset, AirPods Pro, on the official website for $ 249. This price is higher than the previous two generations, but it has not hit consumer enthusiasm in the slightest. Earlier, the two generations of TWS headphones released by Apple reversed the decline in sales after the release of ordinary electronic products, and became absolute benchmarks for the TWS headphones industry.
The TWS headset is not just a sound transmission tool. Its more important role is an AI assistant based on voice interaction technology. As a smart wearable device, the TWS headset is designed to provide a better human-machine interaction experience. For consumers of TWS headsets, the instant automatic connection can be achieved after the initial setting, so a smooth user experience is more important than sound quality. This can also provide some explanation for "why AirPods can produce word-of-mouth effect and become Apple&…

The five major technology changes in mobile phone shells must be known (Part 2)

3.IML technology
The outstanding features of in-mold insertinjection molding (IML) technology are: the surface is a hardened transparent film, the middle is a printed pattern layer, and the back is a plastic layer. Because the ink is sandwiched between, the product can prevent the surface from being scratched and resistant. It can rub and keep the color vivid for a long time.
IML technology production process:

IMLtechnology product effect:
1)Diversification of printing appearance effects: By combining soft-touch transfer printing with printing technologies such as color and electroplating, various appearances can be realized.
2) The research and development of ultra-thin IML, the thinnest can reach 0.80mm, and the deformation is less than 0.5mm; the deformation of 6-inch battery cover is less than 1.0mm; the thickness of local glue reduction can be 0.6mm.
development trend:
In the existing equipment and process flow of IML technology, the improvement has evolved into an IMT process that is m…

The five major technology changes in mobile phone shells must be known (Part 1)

The 5G era is approaching. Mobile phone shell material from plastic to metal and non-metal material cycle, plastic because of the low cost, favored by the low-end market The evolution from the IML to the IMT process has made plastics more useful, which can approach the 3D optical texture of the simulated glass back cover, and has become the choice of many CMF designers. LDS has been widely used in plastic rear case antennas in the 4G era, but whether it can be adapted to the high-end curved glass 3D back cover of the 5G era needs to continue to be developed. IMT technology can be further extended to IME technology, which integrates electrical and decorative functions and is applied to the intelligent surface of future cars. Injection molded transparent PC back cover, as a lower cost and more efficient product form, with better impact strength and durability, is attracting more and more attention from traditional plastic factories. 1.LDS technology The principle of LDS technology is to exc…